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Summary0000864: Possible fragmentation issue
DescriptionI conducted the following performance test on numerous systems, with consistent results. The test is recording a very long session with high number of tracks. Typically I recorded one hour of 8 tracks @ 48Khz, although I have tried other configs (16 tracks, 24 tracks) with similar results.

If live waveform updating was on, then as time passed ardour became more and more sluggish, and on a slower system diskstream errors were common. If waveform updating was *off*, then ardour was much more responsive untill recordign was stopped. Then, the process of drawing all ofthat audio data at once hung ardour up for a long time (minutes in some cases).

Upon closing and re-opening ardour and the session in question, The load on the system while trying to load the long session is huge. Once loaded, scrolling thru the session is extremely sluggish as the hard disk is spinning like mad. Once the entire session has been viewed (by scrolling from end to end or by zooming to fit) then navigation is better and ardour is once again usable.

Now, if I take this session in question, and copy it from any one place to another (across filesystems, from point a to b on the same filesystem, over a network, etc) and then re-open it, all of the sluggishness has almost completely disappeared, and the session is easily scrollable, zoomable, etc. The difference after the simple unix file copy is staggering, its not just a small difference. The act of copying the session directory and files appears to de-fragment(?) the session a great deal.
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2018-10-25 19:14

reporter   ~0020420

Closing this ticket as it was reported against an old version of Ardour and is very likely irrelevant nowadays.
If the issue still occurs with a newer Ardour version, please open a new ticket.

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