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0008622features2021-03-25 02:41
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Summary0008622: Mixer button(points) size.
DescriptionHello, Paul.
Is it possibly to increase mouse-click-area on butons in mixer(fader, plugins)? Sometimes it's so hard hit it...
I add picture in attach to show what i mean.
Thank you.
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2021-03-16 17:52


Ardour_plugin_button.png (11,304 bytes)
Ardour_plugin_button.png (11,304 bytes)


2021-03-24 20:28

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meanwhile, you can middle-click anywhere on the processor to toggle it.


2021-03-25 02:41

reporter   ~0025642

I use mouse with a broken scroll button and did not know about this feature...
Now there will be a reason to fix it:))))
Thank you!

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