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0008608ardourbugspublic2021-05-29 11:34
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Summary0008608: Looping and overdubbing ? section isnt playable until it's been made smaller
DescriptionWhen overdubbing while playing a loop and stacking the recordings the last top layer of recordings dont play. The recoded area has to be made smaller in order to play correctly
Steps To ReproduceHow to reproduce:
- choose region to loop (5s for example)
- record from audio interface into this section and let overdub (or layering the recordings)
- use the top one and remove the underlaying
- it's not possible to play through the recording or play it in loop (you will hear chunks of the content)
- then use the grab tool and try to grab the end of the recording. The recording section now jumps back a few pixels. The recording section is now
smaller than the original one.
- now it should play through
Tags6.5, loop, record



2021-03-06 15:04


ardour-bug.png (7,802 bytes)   
ardour-bug.png (7,802 bytes)   


2021-03-06 15:05

reporter   ~0025593

The screenshot shows the already small recording which is now playable. You also see the looping section markers at the top


2021-03-06 15:08

reporter   ~0025594

So looks the unaltered recording section

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