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0008606bugs2021-07-02 19:53
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PlatformUbuntuOSLinuxOS Version(any)
Product Version6.6 
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Summary0008606: 'Consolidate Range with/without Processing' on a FLAC session plays processed clip in silence
DescriptionWhen the 'Audio File Format' of a session is set to FLAC, and a 'Consolidate Range with Processing' command is given, the resulting clip plays in silence. But closing the session and relaunching resolves the issue.
Steps To Reproduce1. Change Session Audio File format to 'FLAC'
2. Select a range in a track with the 'Range Mode' tool
3. Right click on the selected range and select 'Consolidate Range' or 'Consolidate Range with Processing'
4. Playback the newly processed range. No audio is heard.
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2021-07-02 19:34

reporter   ~0026024

Bug persists in version 6.8


2021-07-02 19:53

reporter   ~0026025

Bug is reproducible on Mac OS version as well.

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