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0008596ardourbugspublic2021-04-29 22:27
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Summary0008596: VST3 - Home/.vst location
DescriptionHi, according to:
one of the default locations for vst3's is in $HOME/.vst. I've just compiled Surge from source, and it installs locally to that folder. I want to keep my plugins together so they are more portable from one pc to another. Unfortunately, this folder is not one of the default places Ardour looks for vst3 plugins and I can't actually add that folder because the ancient gtk2 file picker does not let you filter for hidden files and folders.

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2021-03-01 22:06

administrator   ~0025574

According to spec it is $HOME/.vst3/ -- not $HOME/.vst/


2021-03-02 18:16

reporter   ~0025580

Sorry, that's a mistype by me, it is actually in the .vst3 folder not .vst. Anyway, neither are looked at by ardour for vst3's, and no hidden folder can be added by the gtk2 file picker.


2021-03-02 18:21

administrator   ~0025581

Ardour definitely, and unconditionally looks in ~/.vst3/

What is your user's $HOME? Does the folder perhaps have usual characters (umlauts or whitespace)?


2021-03-02 18:39

reporter   ~0025582

Oh, sorry about that, I was looking in the additional vst path's in preferences, it looked like it only looked in two system folders. I had to go to the plugins page and click scan for new plugins to make it appear.


2021-04-29 22:27

viewer   ~0025782

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