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0008558bugs2021-02-02 21:42
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Product Version6.5 
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Summary0008558: LV2_Atom_Bool
DescriptionI got an information from Reaper about a bug in my B.Music plugins and following a `grep` scan of all my git clones I saw the same in the code of Ardour: contains
        { LV2_OPTIONS_INSTANCE, 0, _uri_map.uri_to_id(""),
          sizeof(bool), atom_Bool, &_ui_style_boxy },
        { LV2_OPTIONS_INSTANCE, 0, _uri_map.uri_to_id(""),
          sizeof(bool), atom_Bool, &_ui_style_flat },

`LV2_Atom_Bool` is defined as an `LV2_Atom_Int` in the specs and thus contains a four byte value. However, `sizeof(bool)` returns 1 for the most systems.

I don't know if this is evident in the case of Ardour. This report is only the result of a code scan. I didn't experimentally tested it.
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2021-02-02 21:42

administrator   ~0025484

Thanks for the heads up. Fixed in 6.5-199-gb50a6fbe17

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