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0008556ardourbugspublic2021-01-27 23:43
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Product Version6.5 
Summary0008556: Ardour don't record legato notes in MIDI
I record something that sounds legato, but when i play the region Ardour retriger each note...
Steps To ReproduceWhen i use mi EWI (Midi wind controller) with Surge, i play the notes "legato" and they sounds legato, without retrigger, but when i play the recorded region Ardour retrigger the envelope, i tried with every option in preferences
Additional InformationI tried with the option session for overlapping but dont works.



2021-01-27 23:43

reporter   ~0025476

Even when i legatize all the notes daesn't work, i need to make a little bit longer each note to have the legato or portamento...
It's like Ardour don't play the notes until the end

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