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0008542ardourtranslationpublic2021-01-20 10:40
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Summary0008542: Wrong czech translation of automation states
DescriptionIn czech translation, there is word "P?íru?ka" for manual state, which is just wrong translation, which does not make any sense. I also do not know what does the fifth state "Zaklapnout" mean, since there is nothing about this fifth state in Ardour online manual (pun not intended).
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duplicate of 0008216 new Incorrect czech translation for automation states 



2021-01-14 21:32

administrator   ~0025422

Looks like the first was already addressed:


2021-01-14 21:36

administrator   ~0025423

"Latch" is translated as "Zaklapnout"

"Latch" works like "Touch", but after touching a control writing continues until transport-stop.

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