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0008522features2021-01-05 16:27
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Summary0008522: Display parameters of a instrument plugin instead as alternative to a GUI
DescriptionGUIs of (instrument) plugins do cover the canvas of a DAW. This is not always pleasant to work with.

I want to share how Radium is doing this, which I find pretty pleasant to work with. (It has also a option to display the GUI.)

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2020-12-25 00:03


radium_VST_parameters.png (123,919 bytes)
radium_VST_parameters.png (123,919 bytes)


2020-12-25 21:25

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Bitwig-studio does something similar


2021-01-05 16:27

administrator   ~0025380

You can already put any parameters from a plugin into the mixer strip, to achieve something extremely close to what you are asking about.

Right click on the plugin "bar" in the mixer strip, and navigate to "Controls"

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