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0008521bugs2021-01-18 19:19
Reporteriur.nAssigned Topaul 
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PlatformUbuntuOSLinuxOS Version(any)
Product Version6.5 
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Summary0008521: Can't stop playing after pressing "Got to start of session"
DescriptionCan't stop playing after pressing "Got to start of session". On both sound backends Jack or ALSA.
Steps To Reproduce1. Press Play
2. Press "Got to start of session"
3. Press Stop
Result: Playing is not stopped, also, the vertical line continues to move.
Additional InformationI have made a little inverstigation, and I don't know if ti will help.

// Play

Log: Event type: 7
Log: Event type: 3
Log: TransportFSM::transition : 1

// Got to start of session

Log: Event type: 5
Log: TransportFSM::transition : 4
Log: Event type: 1
Log: locate to 0 took 1119 usecs for 3 tracks = 373 per track
Log: Event type: 6
Log: should_not_roll_after_locatestop
Log: TransportFSM::transition : 0
Log: Event type: 0

// Stop

Log: Event type: 7
Log: Event type: 4

When pressing stop I come here and _motion_state = 0, thus, stop_playback (ev); is not called.

    case StopTransport:
                switch (_motion_state) {
                        std::cout << "MYLOG" << "stop playback " << std::endl;
                case Rolling:
                        std::cout << "MYLOG: " << "stop playback[1] " << std::endl;
                        transition (DeclickToStop);
                        stop_playback (ev);
                case Stopped:
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duplicate of 0008490 assignedpaul I can’t stop Ardour playback from the internal clock 



2021-01-18 19:19

administrator   ~0025434

if you can easily generate this error, please use a debug build and run with -D tfsm,transport then paste the output here.

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