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0008496bugs2020-12-13 15:28
ReporterBrnVrnAssigned Tox42 
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PlatformGNUOSLinuxOS Version(any)
Product Version6.5 
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Summary0008496: Configured VST3 path is not used
DescriptionIn the preference, the "Additional VST3 path" is actually the `plugin-path-vst` and not the `plugin-path-vst3` in the config file.
And indeed, plugins installed in path configured via the preferences are not discovered.

If I install the VST3 plugin in `~/.vst3/` it works. But since I install them via my Linux distribution's package manager, that is not an option.
Steps To Reproduce1/ Install VST3 plugins in, for example: `/usr/lib64/vst3/`
2/ In ardour preferences add the `/usr/lib64/vst3/` Path to the "Additional VST3 path".
3/ Rescan, restart, reboot ...
4/ In the "Plugin Manager" search for VST3 plugin ... there are none
Additional InformationIf I manually edit the config file and add the path to the `plugin-path-vst3` option,
Then Ardour discover my plugins and I can use them.
It does not show up anywhere in the preferences.
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2020-12-13 15:28

administrator   ~0025304

Already fixed in 6.5.29

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