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0008493ardourbugspublic2020-12-12 06:34
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Summary0008493: latency compensation numbers do not get activated initially (takes a couple tries)
DescriptionTesting if my latency I/O settings were right, I couldn't reliably get Ardour to use the new numbers, it takes a couple attempts before they are active.

I suspect this is relevant to ALSA and Jack and other situations, but to be simple I tested all with ALSA directly.

Strangely, this seems to have some inconsistency, such as perhaps a large number always registers.
Steps To ReproduceGet any sort of simple setup to check for latency compensation (e.g. a physical loop and record the metronome output back to the audio input).

Open the Audio/MIDI setup window. Enter numbers in the I/O latency fields.

Close the window. Do a trial recording.

Open the window again and change the numbers and close it. Redo the test. Notice that the compensation remains unchanged.

Do it all again and notice that the compensation is now finally different.

To be clear, I tried large numbers like 4000, and it had an obvious effect. Then, I went down to 140 or some other small number and the compensation was stuck at the high amount. I was able to get it to activate a low number by trying 145 or similar and then the change activated. I was able to consistently reproduce this pattern.
Additional InformationThis is not something likely to arise other than initial setup. However, it's very frustrating to set the numbers and still have bad results. And if that's because the numbers haven't been activated, this could cause others (like me) to spend hours feeling crazy that nothing works and they can't get compensation set right.

I suspect there's some way that the numbers get actually engaged. If there were a button in the window or some other way to verify not just that numbers were entered in the fields but to check what the active compensation is set to, that would make this much more straightforward.



2020-12-12 06:34

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