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0008489ardourfeaturespublic2021-01-05 16:10
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Summary0008489: Improving the Editor List - 3
Description(using i3wm)
Oops, yet another Editor List feature request, sorry for spamming, but it's a cool feature that would benefit a lot from being expanded imo :)
For the sake of spamming a little less on this board, I'm going to mention 2 features here:

1: Editor Auto-Play
It would be great to have a little checkbox somewhere in the "Sources" panel (and maybe the "Regions" one?) to auto-play whatever source is selected, very similar to the auto-play feature from the import menu, except directly within the editor list !

2: Copy and paste directly from source list
Pretty self explanatory, allowing the user to Ctrl-C a source from the source list, pasting it anywhere in the editor timeline automatically creates a corresponding region in the "Regions" list

One thing that makes this feature pretty powerful is that you can assign the Edit Point to the mouse and snap the mouse to the grid and then copy the same file several times, allowing you to create patterns with percussions samples in a pinch :)

Thinking about it, maybe "Copy" isn't the right word because Ctrl-X "Cut" wouldn't really make sense in this context, but the general idea still stands :)

This is my last feature request for today, pinky promise !
Again, sorry for the spam, hope this is constructive :)
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2021-01-05 16:10

administrator   ~0025375

thanks for the constructive ideas.

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