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0008474ardourbugspublic2020-11-24 09:29
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Product Version6.5 
Summary0008474: uninstaller fails to remove all .desktop items
DescriptionArdour's uninstaller (.run bundle) fails to remove all .desktop items
Steps To Reproduce1. Install Ardour(.run bundle) through sudo or directly as root user.
2. Run the uninstaller directly as the root user(no sudo) with /opt/

The uninstaller should be able to remove all .desktop files whether the user is using sudo or not.

discovered this bug by luck when uninstalling an earlier release prior to trying out this latest one with 6.5..

the user can try to search paths in "XDG_DATA_DIRS=" and see if any ardour .desktop files have not fully been removed by /opt/Ardour-*

paths that have been spotted with lingering ardour .desktop files:

- When using sudo with the uninstaller, all .desktop files are removed.

occurs on a Debian-10 64-bit linux system.

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2020-11-23 19:35

reporter   ~0025258

the latest installer when running without sudo, installs a .desktop in /home/user/Desktop instead of a system path. This seems incorrectly handled, now that I have bothered to verify the installer without the usage of sudo.
"Adding Ardour to the applications menu
Creating a desktop link for Ardour in /home/user/Desktop
The user shouldn't have to rely on using sudo to behave diferently than going without it.

When the root user is used, the installer should install everything in system paths and not at all in user paths.

There's a bug with the installer portion regarding .desktop items, and not only with the uninstaller as one would be able to tell.


2020-11-24 09:24

reporter   ~0025260

With Ardour 6.5 I also see that I get a .desktop file on the actual Desktop in Xubuntu 20.04 LTS, but the program in the start menu has only a generic icon. Something is indeed incorrect with the .desktop handling. It also occurred already with 6.3, maybe with any of the version 6 programs.


2020-11-24 09:29

reporter   ~0025261

Correcting my last comment, the issue was indeed that the previous Ardour 6.3 .desktop file was not removed, as the OP mentioned, so I saw a stale link to 6.3 after it was deinstalled.

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