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0008470ardourbugspublic2020-12-06 19:30
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Product Version6.3 
Summary0008470: Source list contains duplicates when audio is dragged into the editor versus using the import dialog
DescriptionSee discussion here:

Summary pretty much says it all.
Steps To ReproduceDrag audio into Ardour and duplicate sources appear in the source list. Using import dialog doesn't exhibit this behavior.
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2020-11-21 12:32

reporter   ~0025244

this happens when dragging a sound onto an existing track,
it does not happen when dragging into an empty space (which creates a new track)
having just bought Mixbus I see the problem is exactly the same there (I guess this is not a surprise)


2020-11-21 12:52

reporter   ~0025245

...then I tried again on Mixbus just to check I hadn't been dreaming and it didn't show double copies,
but then I clicked to view Regions, back to Source lists and hey presto - doubles are there after all
(couldn't get this to happen in Ardour, or to happen again in Mixbus)


2020-11-22 16:18

reporter   ~0025254

seems to be fixed in Ardour 6.4 for me (OS X 10.15.7)


2020-11-22 16:41

administrator   ~0025255

The bad news is: I have no explanation why it was an issue, nor why it's now gone.
Looking at the changelog, I don't see an explicit fix for this between 6.3 and 6.4.

Maybe it only happens sometimes, or only for some files...


2020-11-22 17:21

reporter   ~0025256

Still happens on 6.4 here (Win). When I switch over to Linux I'll test there too. However, I can confirm AliMacD's finding that it doesn't add duplicates when you drag a file into empty space.


2020-11-22 17:41

reporter   ~0025257

it's back...
I did a few more tests all starting with new, empty sessions (using the same folder of sounds I used for testing above in 6.3 and 6.4) and all was fine. No duplicates.
Then I opened an existing session and the problem returned immediately.
And now even with clean sessions I get doubles.


2020-11-25 09:41

reporter   ~0025266

related - I'd like to be able to drop files into the Source List instead of directly onto the timeline (though I'd be happy for both to co-exist). Drag & drop is really useful when bringing together audio from a number of different disks & folders into a new project.
...I wonder if fixing this might uncover the solution for the problem above.


2020-12-06 19:30

reporter   ~0025289

Also occurs when dragging directly from the source list (6.5/Linux).

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