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0008467features2021-01-08 06:10
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Summary0008467: Pulseaudio backend sets the DONT_MOVE flag
DescriptionThe killer feature of the pulseaudio backend was being able to put Ardour output on whatever device was convenient. With DONT_MOVE set, it's impossible to change the output device after the backend is started, and as far as I can tell, the default device will always be used.

I've done a test build, commenting out the DONT_MOVE flag in on line 304. Everything seems to work as expected, and the audio output can now be redirected on the fly.
Steps To ReproduceUse the pulseaudio backend, and attempt to change the output device after the backend has started.
Additional InformationI'm running Fedora 33, x86_64.
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2020-11-09 17:30

administrator   ~0025211

PA_STREAM_DONT_MOVE was added for a couple reasons.

Mainly because Ardour asks pulse to configure a device with a given sample-rate and never resample. If the stream is moved to another sink/source with a different sample spec/channel map that may no longer be the case.

There are/were issues when steams are be moved while Ardour is processing offline during export. Have you tested that?

Perhaps a better option would be to let a user pick a device other than "Default Playback" and pass it to `pa_stream_connect_playback` in


2020-11-09 18:38

reporter   ~0025212

@x42 I'll try taking a look at the sample-rate issue, and see if there's a way around that problem. As far as moving during export, it should be easy enough to set the DONT_MOVE flag when exporting, and unset it when finished.

Being able to move Ardour's outputs around on-the-fly is extremely useful for certain setups, so even if it's behind an opt-in setting to enable, I would love to see it available without a local patch.


2020-11-11 15:01

administrator   ~0025215

Fine. pulseaudio isn't unsuitable for pro-audio to begin with, so the "no resampling" requirement is kinda moot anyway.

Since 6.3-305-g81862f8c30 the stream can be moved


2021-01-08 06:10

viewer   ~0025392

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