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Summary0000846: I would like to be able to open projects saved to read-only media and play them.
DescriptionI really love ardour... it's a great program. As a musician and amateur sound engineer, I have started backing up my ardour project sessions to DVD-R media. This is a great way to archive sessions because at 40 cents for each DVD blank,
I have 4G of storage where I can keep sessions I may want to review or edit later.

In order to open the sessions I have to first copy the files back to my hard disc and then I can open the ardour project file. The additional functionality I would like would be the ability to open the ardour project file while it is still
 on read-only media so I can play the session directly from the media. I'm not familiar enough with the file format to understand what would be required to enable this feature, but I would sure love to know. In principle it seems simple, because the relative path to the data and the ardour project file is the same on the DVD backup media as it is on the hard disc. My primary hard disc is only 17 G, so it would be a great time saver if I could play sessions from DVD backup media in order to audition them. Then if I wanted to edit the session, I would be prepared to transfer the session to writable media.

Thanks for considering my feature request.
Additional Information If there is a way to do it right now, then please send me an e-mail.
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2005-01-11 21:41

reporter   ~0001827

Hi! :)

Related to this issue, I wonder if it's possible to make the data paths relative to the location of the .ardour file, to increase portability of the projects.



2005-01-12 01:50

administrator   ~0001830

to alcarola: the data paths are *already* relative, except when you embed an external audio file and we are forced to use the entire path.

to glendon: I think this is a great feature request, and its not that hard for us to either. it won't make it for 1.0, i think, but it will show up soon after we get 2.0 done (see status page for an explanation of how this will work).


2009-10-01 21:10

administrator   ~0006677

four and half years later, 'tis done! this will be in 2.8.3 of ardour ...


2020-04-19 20:12

developer   ~0021445

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