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0008458features2020-10-26 23:37
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Summary0008458: Allow option to use ISO 226:2003 profile in trim faders
DescriptionFeature request for option to enable use the ISO 266:2003 contour profile when adjusting trim. The LSP "Loudness Compensation" plugin already provides this functionality, but it's a bit finicky to be adjusting trim in a plugin, even when exposing the output control level in the channel strip. If implemented, it would probably be best to be set on a per-channel-strip basis since FFT can get expensive.

One alternative might be to make it possible to assign the trim fader control to one of the controls of a plugin in the channel strip instead of the default fader. This would allow binding the trim control to the output knob in the Loudness Compensation plugin, achieving the same result with the ability to use the same functionality for many other purposes as well.

But then again there may be a good case for building in an ISO 266:2003 variant of the default channel fader.
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2020-10-26 22:13

administrator   ~0025159

Unlikely to happen. Ardour itself does not do any DSP except for simple lossless gain staging.

All signal processing is done by plugins. The only option would be to create a plugin with tight integration.
Also it sounds rather expensive. Ardour easily handles 1000 tracks, but realtime FFT likely won't scale.
Then there's also the question which of the usefulness of loudness contours during mixing, but that is rendered moot.


2020-10-26 22:17

administrator   ~0025160

NB. LSP's Loudness Compensator also adds a significant amount of latency (~80ms). You definitely do not want this by default on every track.


2020-10-26 23:28

reporter   ~0025161

Yes, I'm aware of the DSP load and latency stuff, that's why I was thinking the alternative would make more sense of being able to bind the trim fader to a plugin control rather than the default channel-strip fader.


2020-10-26 23:37

reporter   ~0025162

The usefullness aspect for me is when I create a submix that sums to a bus, and then go back to the mix as a whole and pull that submix down stuff gets lost in the submix in ways that seem to be helped by using the Loudness Compensator to trim the submix bus rather than the regular fader.

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