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0008456documentation2020-12-25 03:10
ReporterkfrzAssigned Tox42 
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PlatformDebian GNUOSLinuxOS Version(any)
Product Version6.3 
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Summary0008456: /usr/lib/ardour6/sanityCheck usage text has minor typo
DescriptionOutput of `/usr/lib/ardour6/sanityCheck -h`:

                 -rt : Verfiy that the user can run tasks with realtime priority
        -hasrtlimits : Verfiy the system has a limits.conf and the audio group can use realtime
           -hasgroup <groupname> : Verfiy that the system has a group named <groupname>
      -hasaudiogroup : Verfiy that the system has an audio group (audio or jackuser) defined
      -memberofgroup <groupname> : Verfiy that the user is a member of the group named <groupname>
   -memberaudiogroup : Verfiy that the user is a member of the audio group (audio or jackuser)

The lines above should s/verfiy/verify/ - I'd submit a PR but I gather this is an easy fix for someone w/ their environment configured.
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2020-11-03 00:02

administrator   ~0025196

Fixed in 6.3-275-gaa7697d7f2


2020-12-25 03:10

viewer   ~0025353

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