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Summary0008450: A question regarding LV2 port group and fanout
DescriptionGeonkick synth uses groups to group port as stereo channels. The issue is that Ardour routes both Geonkick stereo grouped channels to the left channel of the associated Track when fanout. If I am removing groups than routing for fanout is done correctly. I wanted to ask if Ardour supports groups. I might be an issue from Geonkick manifesto but from my point of view it seems that the ports and groups are defined correctly in ttl.

The attached screenshot was created by unfa in this issue -
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2020-10-21 17:25



2020-10-21 18:31

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That is correct according to


2020-10-21 18:47

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2020-10-22 06:37

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Thank you for your suggestions. I'll try to see how it works.


2020-12-20 17:27

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