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0008423features2021-01-23 20:06
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Summary0008423: Ardour VST3 support should honour VST3_PATH
DescriptionTested with Ardour 6.3-95-g751db481a6

Ardour should also look for VST3 plugins in VST3_PATH.

Indeed, the VST3 specs says, for Linux
> On the Linux platform, the host application expects VST 3 plug-ins to be located in:
and then list some directories.

But reading it, I don't see anything prohibiting for having extra path to look for, that would have the lowest priority, and that could be specified by VST3_PATH like it is done with LXVST_PATH and LV2_PATH. Even if it is only for the first run.

The use case I'm looking at is Flatpak, but this solution is nothing specific to it.
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2020-09-27 00:11

reporter   ~0025060

Example of apps (that I tried) that supports VST3_PATH on Linux:

- Carla
- BitwigStudio


2020-10-12 15:16

reporter   ~0025120

I stand corrected, BitwigStudio doesn't support it. But they support adding custom path (and I hadn't cleaned the settings when re-testing)

BTW filed an issue with the SDK


2021-01-23 20:06

administrator   ~0025450

It is now possible to set a custom path since 6.5


2021-01-23 20:06

viewer   ~0025451

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