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0008408ardourbugspublic2020-10-11 20:28
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PlatformDebian GNUOSLinuxOS Version(any)
Product Version6.3 
Summary0008408: moving multiple audio/midi regions does not maintain relative position of the regions in time
DescriptionWhen selecting multiple audio/midi regions of one ore more tracks (e.g. drum samples) by mouse and moving them in time in editor window with the mouse, it stacks some or all regions seemingly randomly instead of keeping the relative distance of the regions they had before dragging. Sometimes all regions are stacked, sometimes only few. having snap enabled or not does not seem to make a difference.
Steps To ReproduceSelect multiple regions in editor view by dragging a rectangle with the mouse and drag the regions to an earlier or later point in time
Additional InformationHowever this does not occure if you select the regions, then use the arrow buttons "nudge regions/selection earlier" or "nudge regions/selection later" first and only then move the whole selection by mouse to the desired point in time.

Also in the Ardour 5.12 provided by the Debian repositories, this issue is not present.
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2020-10-11 12:48

reporter   ~0025118

Could it be that you have your regions position-locked to bars/beats with some tempo or bar type changes? Then - if I understand correctly - ardour tries to keep the relative alignment in terms of bar/beat correct. (Which ironically would make the "correct behaviour by nudging first" the unintuitive/wrong one.)

Assembled Pieces

2020-10-11 20:28

reporter   ~0025119

Hey anachromium thank you for your reply. It made me experiment again with the sessions where I observed this behavior. Interestingly, if I mark the regions with the rubber band and remove the checkbox to glue to bars and beats from the right-click-context menu before moving the regions this issue also does not occur.

Currently there are neither tempo changes nor changes in time signature in the project, though. I observed this so far in two projects and, if I recall correctly, I might have set some tempo changes in the beginning of each project before settling for a final tempo decision and deleting any tempo markers. Also these projects might have originally been created with an earlier Version of Ardour 6 than 6.3. I did not succeed so far in reproducing this behavior in a newly created session by purposely applying the above mentioned steps. I do not know if a bug can be inherent to a session rather than to a version of Ardour.

Bottom line is that I seemed to be able to clean the sessions of this behavior by ctrl + a in grab mode, then right mouse button and remove the checkbox or nudge everything forward and then backward. I do not find it unlikely this issue might have been created by some unfortunate combination of settings, but I have yet to discover what exactly this would be.

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