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0008404ardourbugspublic2020-09-13 21:45
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PlatformPCOSManjaro Linux 20OS VersionKDE
Product Version6.3 
Summary0008404: Cannot export ranges from session
DescriptionThis is not new, but I'm fighting this issue again more then ever.

I'm working on sound effects and often when I try to export specific regions the export process would either stall in the middle, never begin or crash Ardour all together.

Often I would start the export, stare at the progress bar doing nothing for a minute, then cancel the export and have Ardour go back to normal, only to freeze or crash a few seconds later.

What is strange is that this seems to happen only on specific regions - some CD ranges export without issues, but some require me to record the Master output to an Audio track and export a region (not a timeline range) to work around the crashing.

I'm providing an example session that I am having issues with so you can try to reproduce the problems: (Google Drive Download)

Some of the plug-in I used here are from AirWindows (FOSS LinuxVSTs):

Sometimes if Ardour crashes and has a fresh start it'll export one or two ranges, then break again.

This is a major problem.
Steps To Reproduce1. Load the provided session.
2. Try to export the "Mining Consume" CD range to a file (range starts at 00:00:29:09)
3. Hit "Export"
4. Watch the export never progressing
5. Hit "Stop Export"
6. Ardour will sometimes crash after a few seconds

Additional InformationHere's all the plug-ins used in the example affected session:

  1 * LV2 a-Compressor stereo
  2 * VST Interstage
  8 * VST ToTape5
  1 * VST Density
  2 * LV2 Calf Flanger
  3 * LADSPA TAP TubeWarmth
  2 * Lua a-Notch Bank
  2 * LADSPA DC Offset Remover
  2 * LV2 LSP Parametric Equalizer x16 Mono
  1 * LV2 Obxd
  1 * VST ADClip7
  1 * LADSPA Hard Gate
 12 * LV2 ZynAddSubFX
  1 * LV2 IR
  1 * Lua a-Amplifier
 12 * LV2 Surge
  6 * LV2 LSP Compressor Stereo
  7 * LV2 LSP Multiband Compressor Stereo x8
  1 * LV2 Calf Envelope Filter
  8 * LV2 Noize Mak3r
 14 * LV2 LSP Parametric Equalizer x16 Stereo
  4 * LV2 Calf Reverb
  1 * LV2 Bit Meter
  2 * LV2 Calf Ring Modulator
  3 * LV2 LSP Gate Stereo
  2 * LV2 Calf Filter
  1 * LV2 LSP Sidechain Limiter Stereo
  1 * LV2 Dragonfly Early Reflections
  1 * VST ToVinyl4
  1 * LV2 MaPitchshift
  9 * Lua a-High/Low Pass Filter
  4 * LV2 Dragonfly Hall Reverb
  5 * LV2 Dragonfly Plate Reverb
  2 * LV2 Calf Multi Chorus
  1 * LV2 a-Delay
  3 * LV2 Argotlunar2
  1 * VST NotJustAnotherCD
  1 * VST Mojo
  1 * LV2 Dragonfly Room Reverb



2020-09-13 21:45

reporter   ~0025029

I've just tested it and the problem doesn't occur when using PulseAudio backend, but it does when using JACK.

I wouldn't consider PulseAudio a replacement for JACK though, so this is still a problem.

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