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0000084ardourbugspublic2003-12-12 21:28
Reporternbd Assigned Toessej  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Summary0000084: Dragging (play|edit)head from "grey info bars" and releasing mouse on somewhere else (eg. the tool buttons) leaves the drag on
DescriptionWith the "grey info bars" I mean the grey (default color) bars which contain these


Click lmb and drag the mouse to tool buttons and release. Then move mouse back to the grey area and the playhead dragging continues. It acts like the lmb was down.
Additional InformationThis might be designed to act like this, or if not, at least it might be the desired action after all. But not my call to decide.
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2003-11-09 03:16

manager   ~0000149

now properly grabs the focus


2003-12-12 20:47

administrator   ~0000274

Reminder sent to nbd

Could you mark bug 84 closed if it has been fixed for you?


2003-12-12 21:28

reporter   ~0000278

Fixed, but I can't drag the edithead anymore (middle button drag), I guess it calls for a new bug report. Playhead drags just fine with lmb.

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