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0008396documentation2020-11-03 22:20
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Summary0008396: MIDI Bender is [-2,+2] semitones and not [-4,+4] as the documentation claims
DescriptionThis is the documentation:

It claims the midi bender range is [-4,+4] semitones, however, it seems to be [-2,+2].
Steps To ReproduceUse a-Fluidsynth on an MIDI track (I have not tested other synths).

Select a soundfont (I tested Aspirin_160_GMGS_2015.sf2 and Jurgen_GM_GS_Bank.sf2).

Create a midi area and put a B4. Now, open automation on Bender, and raise it to 16383.

Now, listen, you'll get a C#5 instead of a D#5.
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2020-09-05 18:08

administrator   ~0025012

There is no rule about the range of the MIDI bender.

It's different for each synth and in some cases also different for different voices of a synth.
The MIDI spec leaves this undefined. The range is set by the soundfont for each instrument.


2020-09-05 18:16

administrator   ~0025013

I've updated the manual page. Thanks for the heads up!


2020-11-03 22:20

viewer   ~0025200

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