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0008393ardourbugspublic2020-09-04 15:37
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Product Version6.2 
Summary0008393: Duplication of Midi Tracks loses note data in Playlist
DescriptionThe Duplication of Midi Tracks loses note data. In this repeatable case, the range of notes in the lower octaves were lost in the duplicated track though the same play list was used. An obvious but undesirable workaround is to manually cut and paste the note data from the old track to the new track.
Steps To Reproduceright click on midi track that has basic piano roll data on it and select duplicate
Select same play list as an option

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2020-09-04 15:36

administrator   ~0025009

Can you confirm that this is not just a vertical-zoom issue, but notes are actually deleted?
Track duplication does not include the note-range setting, so you may have to expand the visible range using the scroomer left of the piano roll.

In a quick test, I cannot reproduce this, the notes are still there and playing (just not all of them are visible after track duplication):
midi_zoom.png (30,475 bytes)   
midi_zoom.png (30,475 bytes)   

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