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0008392bugs2020-11-03 00:23
ReporterwargreenAssigned Tox42 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Platformx86_64OSDebianOS VersionSID
Product Version6.2 
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Summary0008392: Audio input muted when seek in the timeline
DescriptionWith tracks monitoring input, seeking in the timeline seem mute the output.
Steps To ReproduceAdd track with input monitor
Seek in the timeline
Additional InformationScreen of the audio output of the track attached
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2020-09-04 00:23


Cut_Ardout.png (90,187 bytes)
Cut_Ardout.png (90,187 bytes)


2020-09-04 00:55

administrator   ~0025007

Quick analysis of the issue (fix pending):

This is due to libs/ardour/
if (!process_can_proceed()) {   _silent = true; return }

Inside Ardour there is no glitch (no routes are processed, time stands still), but it interrupts live input monitoring.


2020-09-04 00:59

administrator   ~0025008

Easier way to reproduce:
 * create a mono track
 * add a signal generator to the track (e.g. Lua script)
-> generated signal is audible
 * move the transport around
hear glitches in the output

(A scope on the master-bus does not show this, but an external oscilloscope e.g. JACK-app does)


2020-09-05 18:05

administrator   ~0025011

Fixed in Ardour 6.2-249-g1a3da7e132

Please test, in particular that this does not have any side-effects.


2020-09-07 15:07

reporter   ~0025017

Can't launch my live session here, but it seem to be fixed in a test session with 6.3.0. This week i will work on another project so i'll see if any side-effect in mixing conditions.


2020-09-30 22:00

reporter   ~0025089

It seem to be fixed, without any side-effect, i've used my full session several times and all work well.
Thank you !


2020-09-30 22:45

administrator   ~0025091

Confirmed fixed since Ardour 6.2-249-g1a3da7e132


2020-11-03 00:23

viewer   ~0025197

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Feel free to re-open with additional information if you think the issue is not resolved.

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