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0008377features2020-10-22 13:44
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Summary0008377: Allow disabling keyboard input for the virtual MIDI keyboard
DescriptionThe virtual keyboard is a great feature, thought right now it's not possible to use it solely with the mouse.

I can imagine some users wanting to have their computer keyboard only ever triggering actions in Ardour, while having the virtual keyboard out there to use it with their mouse.

Currently there's no way to disable the virtual keyboard stealing some keys.

Please add a "None" or "Disabled" option to the Virtual Keyboard layout!
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2020-08-23 13:44



2020-08-26 01:43

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Nice suggestion! Added in 6.2-208-gfb2d33c6a3


2020-08-26 07:51

reporter   ~0024960

Awesome, thanks!


2020-10-22 13:44

viewer   ~0025141

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