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0008374features2020-10-20 11:39
ReporterjimjwlAssigned Tox42 
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Product Version6.2 
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Summary0008374: (rev 6.2-199-g8875e8b1d9)
Descriptionwhen I try to find drun sounds using in-track keyboard, when dragging in keyboard, it stops responding when I move mouse too far right or left, would there be a way to fix this? would make auditioning much easier and more convenient
Tags(rev 6.2-199-g8875e8b1d9)



2020-08-23 21:14

reporter   ~0024952

Note, the description of this wishlist/feature request, is dependent on the reader trying it... let me know if it isn't clear after you do so.


2020-08-27 00:24

administrator   ~0024967

Added in Ardour 6.2-212-g151ca86fd6


2020-10-20 11:39

viewer   ~0025136

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