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0008363ardourbugspublic2021-02-24 18:55
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PlatformRedhatOSFedoraOS Version32
Product Version6.2 
Summary0008363: General MIDI Synth doesn't produce sound on loading saved project
DescriptionI have a project with a MIDI track recorded and played on the default Ardour General MIDI synth. I had no problems when I first created the track. The next time I opened the project in Ardour the General MIDI Synth plugin wasn't producing any sound. The MIDI track was still intact, not muted, same volume etc. The only other plugins on the track after the synth are the default fader and a Calf equalizer, but bypassing both had no effect. To resolve the problem I simply deleted the General MIDI synth plugin, added it back, and set the patch again. Every time I reload this particular project it does the same thing until I repeat this procedure.
Steps To ReproduceThis happens every time this particular project is loaded. I have been unable to produce by creating a MIDI track with the same plugins on a new project though.
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2021-02-24 18:55

reporter   ~0025549

Got the same issue, but it only happens if playhead goes through a specific midi note, then the whole track goes silent, even the notes that had sound before it. Velocity meter still shows that it is being read, just doesn't produce sound.

Only fix is to delete the plugin, then add it back, but if it reaches that note again, all goes silent. Same project had issues with ZynAddSubFX not saving changes and reverting back to default sinewave when reloading. Fixed by adding a new track and adding it all back together.

Terminal shows: "failed to deliver ALL NOTES OFF on channel" from 1 to 15. Attached is the midi file from ardour, it fails when it reaches the F note, also happens when importing this to any new session.

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