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0008362ardourbugspublic2020-10-12 19:31
Reportermantis_n1oif Assigned Tox42  
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Product Version6.2 
Summary0008362: Automation points not entirely respected and can't save redundant/forcing points
DescriptionI have a session with midi track with a-Fluid Synth utilizing the bender on channel 1.

Throughout the song, it bends a note up and the next note down, but always returns to the "neutral" spot at 8192 so the subsequent notes aren't out of key.

Unfortunately, the bender doesn't fully return to 8192 even though the automation point is, indeed at 8192. It's as if it can't quite make it back. So the result will end up being 7953 or 8243... close, but not quite there.

In order to force it, I started putting in subsequent automation points at 8192 to make sure it completely gets back to 8192. (see attached images)

Unfortunately, when you save and come back into the same session these additional 8192 points are gone. I suspect ardour believes them to be redundant and gets rid of them automatically.
Steps To Reproduce1. create session with midi track and a-Fluid synth
2. create a region
3. write some notes
4. add some bender automation points
5. Notice that the "bend" doesn't always return to the points you set
6. Try to put in some redundant/forcing points, save and relaunch
7. Notice the redundant/forcing points are gone.
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2020-08-13 19:31



2020-08-15 01:15

administrator   ~0024929

Fixed in Ardour 6.2-169-g65ecc1b40e


2020-10-12 19:31

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