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0008358ardourbugspublic2023-07-03 15:20
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Product Version6.2 
Summary0008358: Ardour will play selected MIDI notes on project load (if enabled)
DescriptionOften when I load an Ardour session I hear a MIDI note (or notes) play immediately.

Of course it's only going to happen when the "Sound MIDI notes as they are being selected in the editor" is enabled (which I do enable always).

I've captured a video showing this happening over and over in different situations:

I'm also attaching the Ardour 6.2 session shown in the video. Can anyone reproduce this?

At first I thought it's only if I save the session in Edit Mode - but no.
I thought maybe it happens only if last selected track was MIDI - no, with selected audio track it seems to happen too.

I wonder what could be the cause of this?


duplicate of 0007182 acknowledgedpaul To limit or switch off sound, when few MIDI notes are selected 



2020-08-09 13:29


Ardour MIDI Session.7z (184,598 bytes)


2020-08-09 14:01

administrator   ~0024908

> I wonder what could be the cause of this?

Selection is being restored on session load. the instant.xml of the linked session has the following XML:
      <MIDINotes region-id="5927">
        <note note-id="21266"/>


2020-08-09 15:32

reporter   ~0024909


Could Ardour omit playing back the selected notes after restoring the selection during session load?


2020-08-09 18:39

administrator   ~0024911

Fixed in Ardour 6.2-157-g4ad1c19166

    This adds a few exceptions to the general preference
    "Sound MIDI notes as they are being selected in the editor".
    * Select all no longer plays _all_ notes.
    * Remain silent when selection is inverted or a range is selected.
    * Play no sound when a saved selection is restored on session load.


2020-10-08 13:29

viewer   ~0025116

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