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0008353ardourfeaturespublic2020-08-08 15:29
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Product Version6.2 
Summary0008353: MIDI Control fixes
DescriptionCurrently after learning a MIDI Control (via Shift+RMB) - that means assigning a physical MIDI CC to a fader or automation parameter in Ardour - there is no way to:

- review or modify the assignement
- remove the assignement (the only way is to disable General MIDI Control all together)
- tell that it's there at all, besides moving a knob and seeing a control change (which may not always be possible)
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2020-08-08 15:29

administrator   ~0024906

Generally speaking, MIDI Learn is intended for short-lived, dynamic binding. MIDI Binding Maps are more powerful and more appropriate for setting up long-lived associations between MIDI controllers and parameters inside Ardour.

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