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0008320ardourbugspublic2021-08-25 00:44
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Summary0008320: A6 no longer remembers user-selected ruler fields
DescriptionArdour version: 6.2.33-dbg

Under previous versions, Ardour remembered the user's choice of fields to display in the ruler section. I believe it was stored in the session, and also inherited from templates.

In Ardour 6, every time I open a session, it reverts to a fixed list of fields -- everything except Samples and Video. Is there a way to get the previous behaviour? If not, this seems to be a regression.
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related to 0008717 closedBenLoftis by changing grid mode Rulers (meter && tempo) that I have nothing to do with them appear 



2020-07-19 15:41

administrator   ~0024770

Ardour6 currently automatically shows rulers when a corresponding grid is used.

That does however indeed have some issues associated with it, and ruler visibility is indeed not correctly remembered


2020-07-27 11:54

reporter   ~0024821

Ah, I didn't realize there was anything automatic going on there. That sounds like a nice feature -- although I just tried some different grid settings and I didn't see the rulers change.

For me, since I use Ardour mostly for live recording and (non-musical) editing, I don't usually care about the musical rulers (Bars:Beats, Meter, Tempo), and I don't usually need Timecode either. Removing the rulers I don't need frees up a little vertical space on the screen. Not a huge deal, it's just a new little speed bump in the workflow. Unfortunately, as crashy as A6 has been for me, it's something I've been having to do rather more often.

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