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0008309ardourfeaturespublic2020-07-16 15:34
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Summary0008309: Maximize the region for editing
DescriptionI am experimenting with adding a feature like this:

Actual situation:

Double click on region --> the region editor dialog is shown

What I want to add:

[A key modifier] + mouse double click on the region -->

* Store the current viewing state
* Perform vertical zooming of the region to maximized (the same as key F)
* Perform horizontal zooming
                  - until the region width will fit the window (will not work for long regions)
                  - or to take in consideration other criteria of the horizontal zooming factor (major grid line, minor grid lines, or something else)
* Move the horizontal viewing where the lick was performed (could be move to beginning of the region but this will not work for long regions)
* Add other (say XXX) action to reset this special the viewing state to the original state. There is Shift + Z, but I don't think will work for this purpose.
* Additional behaviour : leaving this special viewing state by other means than XXX will clear the original stored state (still thinking about this behaviour).

The result should be a more easy way to see the arrangement, and at the same time easily to start editing the region and go back to the same unaltered view of the tracks.

Other ideas regarding the behaviour in this special viewing state would be to add actions to mouse (plus a key modifier) to move the view by dragging horizontally. There are areas for dragging, but I think in place dragging will be more straitforward.


Old user experience is not impacted
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2020-07-16 15:34

reporter   ~0024749

Here the commit that implements the above points:

- Ctrl+double click - stores the viewing state and maximizes the region. It is like viewing state is entering into the maximized region mode.
- Ctrl+double click - will restore the viewing state. This is different from Shift + z because in maximized mode if there was additional horizontal zooming, Shift+z will add new states in the stack.
- Stored viewing state will be lost when there is a vertical scroll, i.e. leaving the maximized region
- Maybe there would be better to disable vertical scroll when the we are in this special mode of viewing, but this will change the old user exeprinece.

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