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0008296bugs2020-07-09 18:42
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Summary0008296: Audio clip right context menu has "Bounce" options that do not do anything
DescriptionIn the Editor, when working with audio clips, there are occasions when the user wants to bounce down a clip. To do this the clip needs to be set as a range selection, after which the right context menu changes to allow the "consolidate Range" function to appear.

However, originally the audio clip's right context menu has two "Bounce" functions, but these do not create an entirely new clip from the original. The interchange folder audio files on disk do not show any new wav files being created. If the functions don't do anything, then it shouldn't be there.

Also since most music these days are loop based, the amount of menu diving to create a looping clip seems counterintuitive.
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2020-07-09 18:40

administrator   ~0024666

Works here, new (bounced) sources are added to the editor's source-list (Menu > View > Show Editor Lists).
 Both "Bounce (with processing)" and "Bounce (without processing)".

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