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0008287ardourfeaturespublic2020-07-04 22:44
Reporterfoobuntu Assigned Tox42  
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Summary0008287: Create support for track templates
DescriptionAs far as I can see all template related functionality only works from the "new session" dialog.
There should be a functionality that allows me to call up a predefined track setup at any time, even in a project that already contains tracks.

So instead of only being able to create a new session with my drum template, I want to call up my drum template in a project that already has tracks.

If that functionality already exists, please point out where to find that and I will open a new ticket on how to make it better accessible, so far I couldn't find it.
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2020-07-04 12:38

administrator   ~0024603

- Existing Track Templates show up in the "Add Track or Bus" dialog.
- They can be import/exported just like Session Templates via Window > Template Manager
- They can be created from the context menu of each mixer-strip in the mixer-window


2020-07-04 22:44

reporter   ~0024604

No, this only allows me to add ONE predefined track, I want to add a complete track setup, like for drums. A complete setup with kick, snare, hihat, etc. and their respective inputs, group busses, panning. Like a session template but beeing able to add it on the fly in the middle of a project and not only upon session creation.

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