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0008286ardourbugspublic2022-03-27 19:40
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Product Version6.0 
Summary0008286: Column widths are not adjustable in editor list and plugin manager, leaving some text unreadable
DescriptionCurrently, one can resize the view of the editor list and of the plugin manager, but the columns are fixed. Sometimes, part of the texts are unreadable this way.

Allow to adjust the widths of columns by grabbing the separators in the header, especially for columns with free text. The width of columns with fixed content could be allowed to be decreased/collapsed to save space. Empty columns should be set to minimal width (e.g. as much as the header needs) and also be allowed to be collapsed.
Additionally, the automatic adjustment of column widths when increasing the view could be made more intelligent, i.e. content-aware in a priority sequence, so that the most important (e.g. the first) column becomes totally readable first and others (e.g. the path-column) afterwards etc. by further increasing the view.

While in the regions tab of the editor list, increasing the view further increases the `Region` column, in the sources tab, it increases the (last) path-column, often leaving the text in the first (`Sources`) column unreadable. Moreover, empty columns (e.g. take ID or tags) always take a fixed amount of space, which is a waste.

Discussion here:
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2022-03-27 19:40

reporter   ~0026366

I think this one is still open. Is anything done in this direction already?

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