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0008283ardourfeaturespublic2022-03-27 19:31
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Summary0008283: Polyphonic import part II: Import several takes/files at once in sequence, one track per channel
DescriptionCurrently, several (polyphonic) files can only be imported as sequence to a single (polyphonic) track.

Allow to import several polyphonic files at once in sequence to several tracks, one track per channel.
This should optionally be possible to selected existing tracks or by generating new tracks as needed (see part 1: 0008281).

Importing several takes of a polyphonic recording session (stereo or more channels) e.g. from a mobile/field recorder should be a straightforward task, as it is a routine step for every Ardour session with material recorded/created outside of Ardour. Polyphonic tracks are not suitable for mixing etc. but currently, it is not possible to split a polyphonic track to mono-tracks, e.g. after import. Otherwise, the latter could be a workaround for this feature.

Discussion here:

As a bonus, import could be made more flexible later on, e.g. by:
- allowing to select the channels to import from a polyphonic file (e.g. to omit auto-mix channels),
- allowing for custom mapping of channels to tracks, e.g. the tracks from the stereo pair to a polyphonic stereo track and all other takes to mono tracks etc. Further suggestions here:
- drag-and-drop import from the import window into tracks with nice feedback of channel-track mapping or even quick'n-dirty from a normal file browser.
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2022-03-27 19:27

reporter   ~0026364

Is there anything done in this regard already? I still think being able to seamlessly import several files/takes at once as a sequence to several (selected) mono tracks, or one after another to selected tracks (i.e. without creating new tracks for every file/import) is utterly important whenever you record on an external recorder and not directly into Ardour.

Also, one addendum: I just noted, that, unlike stated in the original report, the option to import to selected tracks also appears when selecting several files in the import window and selecting "as sequence" also for stereo-files and irrespective of how many tracks are selected. However, it always only imports one (the left?) track per file, to the track selected first, which is totally unexpected behavior and therefore likely a BUG. (I.e. this option should not occur under these circumstances until properly supporting the feature to import polyphonic/stereo files to selected tracks, IMO.)
(Corss-posting here: because also relevant to this issue.)


2022-03-27 19:31

reporter   ~0026365

Also linking to this issue, as it might be an alternative solution/workaround:

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