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0008280ardourbugspublic2020-08-31 20:41
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Product Version6.0 
Summary0008280: Plugin presets can be saved but not loaded, with default configuration
DescriptionSaving presets for LV2 plugins works as expected (they appear in my ~/.lv2) folder, but after restarting ardour6 none of the saved presets appear in the preset list.

The forum comment at gives a workaround: set LV2_PATH to include $HOME/.lv2 before starting ardour6.

It seems wrong that Ardour saves data by default in a location which it doesn't read by default. Can we change the default LV2_PATH to include `$HOME/.lv2` ?
Steps To ReproduceSteps I took using Ardour 6.0.0 on Fedora 32, built from the source tarball:

1. Start ardour6, create a project, create a track and add an LV2 plugin.
2. Save a preset for the plugin.
3. Restart ardour
4. Open the same plugin UI, look in vain for the preset that you saved.

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2020-07-10 15:38

reporter   ~0024675

This can be worked around as described here:


2020-07-11 03:30

administrator   ~0024688

Your problem would not occur with the build of ardour from

It is caused by using a version of liblv on your system that wasn't compiled to search in ~/.lv2. The version used in the official build does this correctly.


2020-07-11 14:18

reporter   ~0024699

Thanks for the information. I'm using Fedora 32 so I guess a change is needed in the Fedora package. I'll open an issue there instead.


2020-07-11 14:19

administrator   ~0024700

see notes.


2020-07-11 17:23

reporter   ~0024706

Here's the relevant issue in Fedora's bug tracker:


2020-08-31 20:41

viewer   ~0024993

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