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0008275bugs2020-08-28 20:22
ReportercolinfAssigned Tox42 
Reproducibilityhave not tried 
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Product Version6.0 
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Summary0008275: 'blips' of input signal appear at output when locating
DescriptionUsing 'P' to locate the playhead allows a brief blip of the channel input signal to pass through, even when ardour is set to 'record monitoring handled by audio hardware'.
Steps To Reproduce* set 'Record monitoring handled by:' to 'audio hardware'
* create a new session
* add 1 mono track, routed to master bus
* connect hardware input 1 to audio track
* record a region on the track (to create start & end markers)
* delete the region
* feed a signal into the hardware input
* locate the playhead to different points in the session by pointing with the mouse and pressing 'P'
* on every locate a short 'blip' of the input signal can be heard from the output of the master bus
Additional InformationWith jackd1 from debian stable, using a Delta 1010:
colinf@starling-thinkstation:~$ jackd --version
jackd version 0.125.0rc1 tmpdir /dev/shm protocol 25

Maybe not relevant, but zita-a2j, zita-j2a, and a2jmidid were also running via qjackctl's 'Execute script after Startup:':
zita-a2j -dhw:M44 -c4 -jdelta44 & a2jmidid -e &
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2020-06-30 20:49

administrator   ~0024533

Is "Session > Properties > Monitoring > Track Input Monitoring automatically follows transport state ("auto-input")" enabled?
and Preferences > Signal Fow > Auto Input does 'talkback' ?


2020-06-30 21:08

updater   ~0024534

"Auto Input" is on
"Auto Input does 'talkback'" is off
"Session > Properties > Monitoring > Track Input Monitoring automatically follows transport state ("auto-input")" is on


2020-06-30 21:51

updater   ~0024535

Have reproduced with ALSA backend too. 'Auto Input' doesn't make any difference.


2020-07-07 02:38

administrator   ~0024622

Issue was found and understood just now..

It is possible that Route::monitoring_state() returns (MonitoringDisk | MonitorSilence).
However when locating the disk-reader only silences the buffer if (ms == MonitoringDisk).

I have a fix for this in the queue (preventing monitoring_state to become Disk|Silence), but the 6.1 tag got in the way.


2020-07-07 10:26

updater   ~0024625

I've checked, and can confirm this is fixed in 06535071. Can also confirm that the issue was introduced (for me, at least) by fbe80751, as you suspected, so it wasn't in 6.0.


2020-07-08 00:17

administrator   ~0024631

Fixed in 6.1-1-g308d138144


2020-08-28 20:22

viewer   ~0024980

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