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0008272features2020-08-26 07:32
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Product VersionMixbus 6.x 
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Summary0008272: Midi-learn on toolbar buttons.
DescriptionDon't know if it can be described better than - we need a midi-learn feature on the toolbar buttons.
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2020-07-02 19:46

administrator   ~0024564

We're not likely to add this for MIDI Learn. You can bind arbitrary MIDI messages to these buttons by using a named action in a MIDI binding map (such as "MouseMode/set-mouse-mode-object". The full set of actions can obtained in appendix in the manual, or if on Linux, by running Ardour from the command line with the -A flag or by looking in the keybinding file in your installed version.

MIDI Learn is designed on to control actual parameters, and these buttons do not have anything to do with parameters (numerically varying values).


2020-08-26 07:32

viewer   ~0024959

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