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0008262ardourbugspublic2020-08-16 10:28
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Product Version6.0 
Summary0008262: Ardour crashes every time I stop playback (on a specific project)
DescriptionIt has happened several times that at some point, a project seems to enter a state where it keeps crashing Ardour within a minute after I open it.
Earlier I did almost nothing before it happened so it didn't bother me.
This time, I don't have so much either - I was just playing around with MIDI chords when it suddenly crashed. But figured I should file a bug report because this is rather fatal bug for me - can't have projects randomly "die".
The first time it crashed, it was while I was playback-ing those chords while simulatneously using my MIDI keyboard to control a Helm instance.
Every time I try to open the project thereafter, it crashes when I stop playback (after first having started it of course).

I had to upload the project folder, since it was 400MB
Steps To ReproduceIt's rather random, but seems to be related to MIDI. I think most of the times it happened I did at some point some MIDI recording, and afterward some MIDI editing.
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Fruit tree

2020-06-20 14:46

reporter   ~0024487

I said reproducibility is "random", with which I meant on a per-project basis.
I personally _always_ get the same crash on the attached project, and I wonder if it's reproducible with said project for anyone else.

Fruit tree

2020-08-16 10:10

reporter   ~0024931

This keeps happening on newly created projects.
It is a problem per block of MIDI recorded. When I record some MIDI and get this bug, it will resolve if I delete that MIDI block again.
Currently using ardour-git from AUR: version 6.2.r160.g0ddaf3fe68-1

Fruit tree

2020-08-16 10:21

reporter   ~0024932

BUT if I remove the MIDI block and immedeiately start and stop playback it will crash. I need to remove the MIDI block ,then restart Ardour - then it will not crash.

Fruit tree

2020-08-16 10:25

reporter   ~0024933

I then tried to record again, but I get the same problem again. Ardour crashes when I stop playback... :( It seems like just the entire project is just corrupt now? This happens OFTEN on almost all projects I have!! It's really makes Ardour unusable to me and I cannot believe that I am the only one who has it??

It does not depend on instruments or plugins btw.

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