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0008253bugs2020-08-15 19:06
ReportermuzikermammothAssigned ToBenLoftis 
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Product Version6.0 
Fixed in Version6.0 
Summary0008253: Auditioning midi tracks has inconsistent behaviour with on screen gui and at the end mutes all clips except the auditioned clip
DescriptionWhen in the editor mode, pressing 'a' on a midi track will engage the transport, the solo button will light up, and ardour plays the midi clip. The user can click on different midi clips, and only that clip is played.

To end this mode, the user assumes either the stopping of the transport or turning off of the solo button will return the midi track to it's initial state. However, what happens is the state of the midi track is not reverted to the original state. So, the clip that is auditioned last is on, but the rest of the clips are turned off. This is not indicated on any of the midi clips of the track. Usually clips that are muted have a "!" next to the clip name.

To revert to the original state, the user has to mute a midi clip and unmute it. The state of the midi track then reverts to all midi clips are playable.
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2020-06-19 23:28

developer   ~0024485

Should be fixed in a82a520


2020-08-15 19:06

viewer   ~0024930

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