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0008251ardourbugspublic2020-06-17 06:21
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PlatformLinuxOSUbuntu StudioOS Version19.10 x64
Product Version6.0 
Summary0008251: 3 SF2 samplers stop working after restarting Ardour.
DescriptionGeneral-MIDI Synth,
Calf FluidSynth
and a-FluidSynth -
Sometimes they break and stop making any sound until you remove the plugin from the track and add it again. That is, after each restart Ardour has to do this - remove the plugin and add it again, otherwise it will not make a sound, although it is clear that MIDI keys come to it. Most often this happens when using SF2 from General-MIDI Sint with the "Pan Flute" instrument, but it also happened with other instruments.
Moreover, it seems that something is breaking down not in the sampler but in the track itself, because even if you choose any other of the 3 listed instead of one sampler, it will behave in exactly the same way. Duplicating a track does not help. Taking a track will have the same problems.

I'm already doing the 2nd project in Ardor 6 and this happens again.
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2020-06-16 22:07

administrator   ~0024478

Could it be that you send CC7 messages to the track? that lowers the volume and the synth remains silent. Ardour MIDI tracks remember and restore Control Changes.

Easiest to see by in the editor. use the "A"utomation button > Controllers > Channel Volume
Next time this happens, check if manually increasing it returns the sound.


2020-06-17 05:23

reporter   ~0024479

Thank you) It really was "Channel Volume" = 0. I changed it manually and the tracks began to work normally even after a restart.


2020-06-17 06:21

reporter   ~0024480

Although this is not normal behavior at all: I remove the plugin, add it again and everything works fine, the sound goes on, although the channel volume is still = 0. I think it needs to be fixed.

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