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0008246features2020-07-05 13:52
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Summary0008246: OSC messages to query current panner mode
DescriptionIn Ardour there are several panner control widgets depending on the strip number of channels and user-selected panner settings. To simplify it, I will only focus on mono and stereo strips. In such case, we can have three possible panner modes:

1. Mono panner for a single input strip: the stereo width parameter is there but is always set to 1 and the panner only operates the stereo position control.
2. Stereo Balance. This is very similar to the previous but for strips with two inputs.
3. Equal power Stereo. This is a really powerful panner available for a two inputs strip which allows setting the stereo width.

The problem is that from a control surface point of view there is no way to know which of the three modes is used. I'm using a touchscreen in my control surface to draw a widget for the panner and it would be nice knowing which mode is used for a given strip so a more appropriate widget can be drawn in each case.

I suggest adding an osc command to query this information from Ardour.
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2020-07-01 16:49

reporter   ~0024554

Query or just add feedback? With query, the controller asks and the server responds but if the panner type is changed then the controller doesn't know about this. With feedback, when the controller first finds out about a strip (either when first started or when banked) it sends all it knows about the strip which could include panner type and if panner type changes (which OSC code already monitors, though it doesn't know what the type is) could send a feedback message at that time. I personally feel the whole idea of querying volatile controls does not really make sense. Setting a surface up with a loop that queries a control on a regular basis just adds traffic. I feel the addition of querying to the OSC spec in the never released 1.1 version, was a mistake.


2020-07-05 13:52

reporter   ~0024605

Completely agree. In fact, feedback is much better here. However, maybe query could be useful to guarantee an OSC controller finds all initial settings of Ardour mixer. Then, the OSC surface can rely on feedback to keep the setting updated.

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