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0008245features2020-07-01 15:59
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Summary0008245: OSC feature request: better automation control for pan and trim gain
DescriptionThe current Ardour OSC implementation allows controlling most Ardour mixer features. However, some automation messages are not available for some Ardour mixer controls.

More precisely I'm missing the following OSC commands:

1. Touch commands for panner and trim gain. Since I'm mapping touch-sensitive motorized faders to these controls it will be nice to allow the "touch mode" to work properly on them:

2. It is very convenient to have the automation mode of a fader (manual, play, write, touch or latch) mapped to a button in the osc control surface. This way it is really fast to set the appropriate mode for a strip and start mixing with automation. Otherwise, using the Ardour GUI to set the automation mode with mouse clicks... well it works but is not a fast workflow. So, I suggest implementing the following osc commands to set the automation mode of panners and trim gain directly from my control surface as I'm currently doing with faders.

This list could be expanded to allow a complete osc automation support to any possible Ardour control: sends, plugins, etc...
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