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0008240features2020-08-14 09:04
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Summary0008240: Cut video
DescriptionIt would be cool to be able to cut, crop and drag the threaded clips of the added video.
Additional InformationI often use Ardour to write the soundtrack to the video scene and at the time of writing the soundtrack, the scene is usually never finished. That is, depending on the music, I constantly begin to want to add a pause somewhere, shorten something, and stretch something, but export the audio specifically at that moment, climb into the video editor, upload audio there, change the video there, export the video again , import into ardor again - I really do not want to, because I know that in 5 minutes I will want to edit something else.
If ardor had the opportunity to at least cut the video into clips, and change their duration and position - this problem would be solved and the process of writing the soundtrack would look much more seamless and productive.



2020-07-01 16:19

administrator   ~0024541

Ardour is never going to implement video editing. Sorry.


2020-08-14 09:04

viewer   ~0024928

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