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0008238ardourbugspublic2020-06-16 08:22
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Product Version6.0 
Summary0008238: midi clip gain mute does not work
DescriptionWhen a midi track has multiple clips, in stack mode, clips appear stacked one atop each other if they overlap. The user can choose to mute these clips either with Alt-1 or on clip right click select gain mute in the context menu. In a midi track with multiple overlapping clips, the gain mute does not work. It appears ardour selects the last used clip and continues playing the clip even if gain mute is engaged for that clip. This isn't great when trying to mute midi clips to record over it.
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2020-06-15 08:50

reporter   ~0024468

I tried to make 3 MIDI clips one above the other, switched the layer display to stack mode - I successfully muffled clips one by one or all 3 at once ...


2020-06-15 14:35

reporter   ~0024471

This bug just happened with a midi clip that did not overlap with other midi clips. The layer display mode was "Overlaid". I saved the session, left Ardour, logged in again, and everything became normal: The muffled midi clip did not sound.

From the unusual, I can only note that I exited the track outputs not only to the master, but also to another track. That is, the track had 4 exits - 2 to the master, 2 to another track. I do not think that this refers to a bug, but anything happens.


2020-06-15 14:46

reporter   ~0024472

A couple more unusual points: this session was created in Ardour 5.12 and opened in Ardour 6.

The bug was repeated some time after the opening of the session. And besides him, strange things happened: right after the problematic clip, it was normal. If I moved the problem clip to the right, then the normal clip moved with it, as if they were grouped together, however if I moved the normal clip, only it moved and the problem clip remained in place.

Oddity 2: even if you move the problem clip far right and play the EMPTY area where the problem clip was just there, the sound of the problem clip will still sound there.

A duplicate of the problematic clip worked fine.


2020-06-15 18:47

reporter   ~0024474

Sorry for the mistake, group moving clips is not not relevant ro the bug. Just apparently I accidentally pressed the number "1" and turned on the editing mode "Ripple"


2020-06-15 18:54

reporter   ~0024475

The midi mute clip problem i experienced is in ardour 6. I'll run through it again though


2020-06-16 08:22

reporter   ~0024476

Ok so i ran through my own steps again, and confirm on ardour6, alt-1 gain mute on all clips, mutes every clip except the last active clip.

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