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0000823ardourfeaturespublic2010-04-06 14:38
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Summary0000823: add autocrop to remove leading and trailing silence
Descriptionmaybe add something to the region right-click context menu for region => trim => trim leading/trailing silence

end the days of zooming in and chopping it manually!
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related to 0001623 closedcth103 Option to 'strip silence' in audio regions. 



2005-01-02 15:24

administrator   ~0001779

this is easy if by silence you mean absolute silence (all samples == zero)

but most A/D converters will not generate absolute silence even when the human ear detects it, and therefore implementing this requires a definition of silence, which in turn requires some GUI elements to control the definition. lots of good reasons for doing this, but definitely post-2.0


2009-04-29 17:03

administrator   ~0005946

"Strip silence" has been added to 3.0 SVN, which partially addresses this; although the option to strip only leading or trailing silence is currently not implemented.

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